MIAMI, FL (June 25, 2019)— EcoSystems, a water and energy conservation company that designs and implements programs that have saved over 2 billion gallons of fresh water and $15 million in utility costs, is pleased to announce the addition of R.J. Mastic as Vice President of Sales. With this addition to the team, EcoSystems will officially bring the clientele and expertise of R.J.’s Denver, CO-based sustainability business, EE Building Solutions, on board. 

Mastic brings over 12 years of energy savings expertise and sales experience to the team, having led the completion of more than 600 energy conservation projects across the U.S.—ranging from hospitality and lodging structures, to multifamily, senior living spaces and commercial buildings.  

“The addition of R.J. to our team marks a pivotal time for our business as we grow and evolve both our energy conservation offerings and our sales team,” said Richard Lamondin, Jr., CEO of EcoSystems. “R.J.’s background in sustainability and energy conservation along with his proven success in building and growing businesses makes him the perfect addition to EcoSystems. Together we look forward to empowering our partners to further achieve  their sustainability goals, while impacting the bottom line.” 

“The opportunity to help grow the EcoSystems team comes at a perfect time, as multifamily borrowers must commit to achieve more energy savings—15 percent of the total property reduction—than ever  before,” stated Mastic. “Together with EcoSystems’ water conservation background, our capabilities are unparalleled in the industry—making us truly an efficient, one-stop-shop solution.” 

Upon receiving his BA in finance from University of Colorado at Boulder, Mastic launched his first business endeavor, Green Office Ideas with a focus on sustainability services for businesses to minimize waste and cost. While leading Green Office Ideas, R.J. has also served on the Colorado Green Building Guild Board of Directors and on over a half dozen other boards for local nonprofits and business organizations. Previously, Mastic also served as the Co-Chair of Boulder 2140, a nonprofit flagship business advocacy and support organization.

R.J. will be based out of EcoSystems’ Denver, CO office. To learn more about EcoSystems and its mission, visit www.EcoSystems.com.

About EcoSystems

EcoSystems partners with property owners to provide turnkey solutions that promote smarter, more efficient uses of water and energy, and empower people and businesses by eliminating waste and cutting costs. In a matter of weeks, EcoSystems helps properties save up to 55% on sink usage, 40% on shower usage, 20-30% for lighting, HVAC, and controls upgrades, and 50-100+ % on toilet usage. For more information, visit www.ecosystems.com.