Water conservation startup shows how to maximize utility savings and qualify for green loans    

MIAMI, FL (June 12, 2018)—EcoSystems, a water conservation company that aims to combat bathroom water waste through the implementation of eco-friendly plumbing products, announced today that the startup will exhibit at the National Apartment Association (NAA) Apartmentalize Conference. NAA’s annual education conference takes place on June 13-16 in San Diego and is the premier source for educating professionals within the rental housing industry.

The event showcases hundreds of products and services all intended to improve multifamily housing operations. EcoSystems’ services not only improve operations but also the environment. “Our passion for water conservation drove us to start a business that took on the looming global issue of water scarcity and water shortages,” said Richard Lamondin, CEO, and co-founder of EcoSystems. “We are excited to educate attendees about the solutions we bring to the table that go beyond fast and effective bathroom retrofits—we provide persuasive financial data to show real estate portfolios how their investments in conservation will boost property value.”

To date, EcoSystems has completed more than 40,000 bathroom retrofits, ridding properties of old and wasteful toilets, showerheads and aerators. Their Water Wise program offers efficient, construction-free solutions and quick ROI, with customers typically saving 30-50 percent on water and sewer bills and seeing returns in less than 18 months. Clients are seeing an even faster ROI thanks to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which offer loan rebates to property owners that implement water conservation projects.

As a result of the firm’s proven installation process and value-add to properties, EcoSystems was recently named Denver Water’s official retrofit contractor. They are also executing a national retrofit program in partnership with BH Management on 25 properties located across the U.S.

EcoSystems’ booth is #2543 and is located in the New Exhibitor section of the exhibition. For more information about EcoSystems, visit www.ecosystems.com.

About EcoSystems

EcoSystems partners with property owners to conserve billions of gallons of water and millions of dollars—one toilet and faucet at a time. Our mission: to provide solutions that promote smarter, more efficient uses of water and energy, and empower people and businesses by eliminating waste and cutting costs. In a matter of weeks, EcoSystems helps properties save up to 55% on sink usage, 40% on shower usage, and 50-100+ % on toilet usage.