Marks significant milestone in company’s mission to prove conservation is good for business

MIAMI, FL (July 6, 2021)EcoSystems, a leader in water and energy conservation for the real estate industry, today announces the firm has reached a significant milestone in environmental impact—4 billion gallons of water saved. By focusing on the root causes of the 1 trillion gallons of water US homes waste each year, EcoSystems is saving our most valuable resource, while turning an ROI for property owners. Replacing leaky toilets, which can waste more than 6,000 gallons a month per toilet, as well as upgrading bathroom and kitchen sink fixtures to the latest water conservation technology, continue to produce great results for the environment when implemented at scale. In tandem, EcoSystems’ energy efficiency efforts have prevented over 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

EcoSystems’ Co-CEOs and Co-Founders, Richard and Lawrence Lamondin shared, “We could not have reached these ambitious goals without the hard work of our in-house teams, and the commitment of our amazing partners. For the last nine years, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our model and grow our impact. What began as an untapped solution for real estate properties to save on their water and energy bills has turned into a conservation company with national impact. At a time when policymakers are failing to address issues surrounding our environment, the climate emergency, sea-level rise, and housing affordability, we are excited to continue to address these challenges.”

Top Conservation Projects By State

EcoSystems partners with leading real estate investment and property management groups across the U.S. to bring conservation to the forefront—impacting their bottom line and the environment by reducing their water usage. Some of the firm’s most memorable and impactful projects are reflected in the chart below: 

Memorable Conservation Projects

EcoSystems has upgraded 82 properties in Florida, with one of the most impactful being Heron Lake, a 264-unit community in Kissimmee jointly owned by Carroll and PGIM Real Estate. Prior to water efficiency upgrades, Heron Lake was spending more than $240,000 per year on water utilities. After upgrading water fixtures in 416 bathrooms, the property saw a savings of 37%, with their bills reducing to just over $147,000 annually. 

In Lubbock, Texas, in partnership with Monarch Investments & Management Group, EcoSystems upgraded 553 bathrooms at Ashton Pointe, a 366-unit complex. The efforts cut the property’s utility bills by 35% and resulted in a seven-month ROI. To date, Ashton Pointe’s efficiency upgrades have saved more than 11,712,000 gallons of water and prevented more than 500 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.  

In 2019, EcoSystems achieved a record-setting rebate for Edgewater at Sandy Springs in Atlanta, Georgia. Together with NXRT and BH Management, the property’s water and energy conservation efforts–which included 1,171 bathroom retrofits completed in 46 days–secured a rebate from the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management for $117,000, the largest in the City’s history of refunds at the time.

“We appreciate all who have joined us in making an impact and we hope to continue to partner as we strive towards 10 billion gallons saved. We also invite our communities to stand with us as we educate entities, governments, businesses, and people that we must change how we build and interact with water altogether,” added Richard Lamondin.