Ecosystems salutes winner of Wyland National Mayor’s challenge for water conservation with home water efficiency makeover

COLUMBUS, October 3, 2019EcoSystems, a water and energy conservation company that designs and implements programs that have saved over 2 billion gallons of freshwater and $15 million in utility costs, today awarded Brenda Gischel with a home water efficiency makeover. Brenda is the individual household winner of the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, a friendly annual competition that challenges cities to conserve the most amount of water by making changes to their daily consumption. Residents from over 3,000 cities took part in the monthlong program, April 1-30, with pledges to reduce their overall water use by more than three billion gallons.

Like thousands of other U.S. participants, Brenda pledged to make small changes such as fixing leaky pipes and turning off her faucets while brushing her teeth — all making a major impact in her daily water consumption and leading to her selection as a prize winner for the Challenge.  EcoSystems will outfit her home with the latest in water-efficiency technology, including high-efficiency toilets, and low flow showerheads, faucets and sink aerators. 

“People like Brenda are actively reducing her environmental footprint, and we are excited to empower them to make an even larger impact by reducing her water usage without needing to alter her daily habits,” said Richard Lamondin, Co-Founder and CEO of EcoSystems. 

The commitment of Brenda and other residents generated more than 15,000 water saving pledges to drive the city of Columbus to the top spot in the challenge. Residents made their pledges online at www.mywaterpledge.com to use water more efficiently and promote smart practices at home to improve the overall quality of their community’s water resources. Cities with the highest percentage of residents that made pledges in their population categories qualified for over $50,000 in prize drawings – one of them being a home water fixture upgrade. 

About EcoSystems

EcoSystems partners with property owners to provide turnkey solutions that promote smarter, more efficient uses of water and energy, and empower people and businesses by eliminating waste and cutting costs. In a matter of weeks, EcoSystems helps properties save up to 55% on sink usage, 40% on shower usage, 20-30% for lighting, HVAC, and controls upgrades, and 50-100+ % on toilet usage. For more information, visit www.ecosystems.com

About the Wyland Foundation

Founded in 1993 by environmental artist Wyland (best known for his series of 100 monumental marine life murals), the Wyland Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through community events, education programs, and public art projects. www.wylandfoundation.org