EcoSystems Supports AWE & WaterSense Products

EcoSystems’ mission is to prove that conservation is good for business. We have spent the last eight years helping some of the largest multifamily property owners and management firms to conserve water and energy. With the help of WaterSense products, we have saved more than three billion gallons of freshwater and placed over $24 million back in the pockets of our clients. Beyond the clear financial advantage for our clients, WaterSense products have enabled us to improve housing affordability for thousands of Americans, while also helping support the growth of our business, which was recognized as the 75th fastest-growing company on the Inc. 5000 and the second-fastest growing firm in Florida.  

The requests from property owners, managers, and even tenants for WaterSense products have been incessant, and with good reason. A great example is with our client, Silverbrook Apartments, a community located in Grand Prairie, TX that now saves an average of $365,000 a year due to WaterSense toilets, showerheads, bathroom and kitchen aerators we installed in March 2018. The community’s water bill has been reduced by 50 percent. Joann Beard, property manager at Silverbrook Apartments shared, “Although I was skeptical at first, this sure has made a big difference at Silverbrook. I am in disbelief. Everyone is emailing me and asking what happened to the water expense? There must be a mistake. Thanks again.” 

It’s no mistake and the benefits don’t stop there. Many cities provide rebates for customers who install WaterSense-labeled products. EcoSystems leverages this for our clients, with 100 percent of the rebate value going directly in their pocket. To date, we have secured over $375,000 in rebate funding for clients located across the country.

Water is and will continue to be our most precious resource. It’s imperative we continue to find more efficient ways to use it. Manufacturers have worked tirelessly to design and rigorously test high efficiency, low flow products that conserve water. The decision to continue to leverage and invest in these products should be an easy one. 

It’s time to flush the nonsense around WaterSense down the toilet (with one flush, might we add). The WaterSense program helps consumers make environmentally friendly choices and we stand behind WaterSense-labeled products and the conservation programs we have built around them.