Miami Startup Boasts Largest-Ever Water Conservation Retrofit Project

Jeff Kart Contributor Science

EcoSystems is a Miami-based startup founded by two brothers, Richard and Lawrence Lamondin. The brothers, aka the “Toilet Guys,” oversee a company that’s been out across the U.S. fixing leaks and changing out old and wasteful commodes, aerators and shower heads to more efficient models. The updated fixtures can cut water usage by 30-60%, the company says.

A recent retrofit project spanned 23 properties totaling 12,668 bathrooms in 8,615 units, and will reportedly save close to 176 million gallons of water and $1.2 million annually. EcoSystems calls it the most extensive continuous water conservation retrofit in history.

“This is one massive portfolio, completed by one team continuously over the course of about a year and a half,” says Richard Lamondin, co-founder and CEO of EcoSystems. “I have not heard of any other green portfolio upgrades coming close to that size … suppliers continuously say our volume is the strongest.”

The recent completions include locations in Modesto, California; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Norfolk, Virginia; and Nashville, Tennessee. With seven teams in the field, EcoSystems has numerous ongoing projects and plans to finish 2019 with more than 100 completed properties.

The startup’s recent 16-month program relied on a Green Advantage program from Freddie Mac, which incentives water and energy conservation in multifamily properties, according to Iowa-based BH Management, which partnered with EcoSystems on the work.

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