Startup Miami spotlights Ecosystems

Our greatest entrepreneurial mentor is our father who was raised in a small town in Canada. With just a high school education, his entrepreneurial drive led him to real estate development in Toronto, New York, and finally, Miami. His example is a big reason why we had the courage to take the leap.

This is our first business. When we started, hoping to pair our passion for the environment with our real estate background, we partnered to create a consultancy focused on guiding property owners to make improvements that had a positive impact on the environment. After realizing the scale of water being wasted, and consistently failing to find firms that provided quality services in the water efficiency space, we rolled up our sleeves, put together $5K and bootstrapped EcoSystems in 2012.

Tell us about your company.

EcoSystems is a rapidly growing water and energy conservation firm focused on sustainability for the real estate industry. We outfit large apartment portfolios with the latest conservation technologies and fixtures to fulfill our mission. Over the last seven years, we have grown EcoSystems to more than 35 employees and completed projects in more than 120 cities across the U.S

Our model is centered entirely on proving that conservation is good for business and we attribute a large part of our success to the ability to bridge the gap between public necessity and private benefit. The result is more than 2 billion gallons of freshwater and over $15 million in utility cost savings.

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