We’re on a journey to become a B Corp

​​​​EcoSystems is on a mission to prove that conservation is good for business. Our founders, Richard and Lawrence Lamondin, are environmentalists at heart who believe that the business community can be a valuable part of the climate change solution.

“From day one, Lawrence and I knew we wanted to do business differently — we believed companies can be profitable by prioritizing people and the planet,” said EcoSystems CEO Richard Lamondin. “Our customers are not only saving precious resources—they’re also seeing a financial return on their investment.”

By partnering with multifamily properties and commercial building owners to manage their sustainability efforts, EcoSystems has saved 5.4 billion gallons of water and 146k metric tons of CO2, all while helping our customers save $54 million in utilities.

We are passionate about helping our clients execute their ESG strategies, but we’ve also built our own business to be a model for doing good. At EcoSystems, our company culture values inclusion and community involvement, and we are laser-focused on environmental best practices. So it’s a natural next step to pursue our B Corp Certification and join like-minded businesses that are also committed to being a source for good.

What is B Corp Certification?

B Corp Certification is a designation for businesses committed to transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

Becoming certified as a B Corp is no easy feat. After applying and making our formal application, we’ll undergo a rigorous assessment and validation from the B Lab, which will assess our ability to uphold the highest standards across our social and environmental footprint. The entire process can take up to two years. If we receive our designation, EcoSystems will be one of only 4,000 B Corps globally.

Why do we want to be a B Corp?

From the beginning, we’ve been passionate about conservation. At our core, we believe that companies can thrive by doing good while inspiring others to do their part to create positive change. For our part, we’ve joined our clients and partners across the country to create and realize meaningful conservation goals in terms of water and energy use, and we’re excited to hopefully join the B Corp community and continue building on this mission.

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